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About Mr W 


Dennis Weichman is a mathematics consultant with extensive experience at the Secondary School level. He has had a 40+ year career based on integrity, compassion, a sense of humour, and the ability to relate to students and their concerns. Having published a bestselling series of math study guides, he is developing math instructional videos which are a supplement to the guides and are available on his YouTube channel, “MyMathStudyGuides”.

I created this website so that I could write about my experiences as a math teacher, tutor, author, parent, pet owner, jazz piano player,... Since I started teaching math in 1966 as a tutor at Western University or as it was then (The University of Western Ontario)  I have seen many changes in the Ontario curriculum and teaching methods. From time to time I will express opinions on this site about what has come and gone on in the name of progress.

Dennis (MR W) loves math and teaching so much that even in retirement he continues to provide Private Tutoring in his local community (Central Etobicoke) for students from Grade 7 to Grade 12. If you live close by please contact Dennis at for more information