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"Mr. W has worked with us for 20+ yrs, serving Tens of thousands of our customers. If you're looking for a way to provide your children with an advantage in life, I simply can’t think of a better resource than Mr. W's Math Books" 

Martin McCarthy, Chairman at McCarthy Uniforms Inc.

"Mr W has worked with McCarthy Uniforms for over 20 years - what began as a small “how to” guide about math as a small test in one of our stores, quickly grew to a series of tutorials and publications, in print and online.  Tens of thousands of our customers demanded “more Mr W's  knowledge to support their children’s learning journey - parents share that the material is easy for children to follow, provided immediate results and, best of all, inspired a love for problem solving - one of the most critical skills that is required in our age.

Martin McCarthy, Chairman at McCarthy Uniforms Inc.

"On a personal note, I firmly believe that the world is changing so fast that we can’t ever know what knowledge our children will need to succeed. But we do know that they will need to excel at breaking down complex problems into simple components and find better and more creative ways to use data to make decisions."

Martin McCarthy, Chairman at McCarthy Uniforms Inc.

" During elementary school, my daughter hated math, because she had difficulty understanding it. In preparation for grade 9 when I purchased her high school uniform from R.J. McCarthy I noticed your book, so I bought it. Four months have passed and math can now be fun and easy to understand for both my daughter and I. Thank you for creating a book that has been beneficial!  Every test is easy to follow and a great review. Math is a difficult subject to make interesting and requires careful planning. This book is concise and designed to be at the right level"


"Mr, Weichman  I like your working books very much, a lot better than those from the books store.  it is simple, step by step, easy to follow and understand.  Especially the hand writing, feel like you are studying with the teacher in front of the blackboard, not on a computer. My older daughter is going to Grade 9 this September.  She is doing well on the first 3 tests and got 80% to 85% on it and since your solution is very clear and I was able to go through the wrong question with her.  Not only my kids are learning, me and my husband are both learning and reviewing the Maths after 35 years later....  We have to study hard too."

(Judy L)

"Mr, Weichman  I’ve purchased most of your practice books that came available at the McCarthy store except for the Practice Questions for Grade 9. They were sold out very quickly. I found all books to be a great resource and my son used them a lot in the summer. 

(S. G.) 

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